Come and experience the benefits of meditation - Beginners welcome!

  Meditation Classes are held on Tuesdays and open to anyone. Please arrive at 6:00 PM and expect to be there about an hour, with each sitting lasting about 25 to 40 minutes.

  Class themes and topics rotate and allow you the opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation. Each class will start with an orientation to the type of meditation and end with a discussion. Types of meditations may include: Body Scan, Follow the Breath, Minimizing Judgments (quieting the internal critical voice), Walking Meditation, Eating Meditation, Guided Visualizations and Loving Kindness (Meta) meditations.

  No experience necessary! Feel free to bring your own cushion, but this is not necessary. Dress comfortably.

  Cost is $10 per visit or $50 for 6 visits.

  Please call before your first visit to obtain some basic instructions and to be sure class is going to be held that week.

  Contact Kim Hoffman at Dormont Psychological Services by phone at 412.719.0957 or email

  Meditation classes are held with Kim Hoffman, Ph.D. at

  3043 West Liberty Ave,    Dormont PA 15216

Enter through the white gate, between Trillium Natural Medicine and the sign for South Hills Power Yoga / Giovani's Pizza - see directions below:

  Meditation is a type of mind-body complementary medicine, which can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.

  During meditation you will learn how to focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that crowd your
  mind and cause stress. This process results in enhanced physical and emotional well-being.

  Meditation has many physical and mental health benefits, including:
  Decreased stress and anxiety
  A peaceful state of mind
  Improved general health
  A strengthened immune system
  Improved concentration/focus
  Increased blood flow
  A slower heart rate
  Enhanced levels of relaxation

  You will:
  Learn basic sitting positions
  Experience different meditation styles
  Have a variety of meditation experiences
  Feel welcomed as a beginner
  Feel the benefits of meditating with a group
  Enhance your experiences through discussions

  Classes can compliment the treatment of:
  Anxiety disorders
  Binge eating
  Chronic pain
  Heart disease
  High blood pressure
  Sleep problems
  Substance abuse

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